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Motorbike GAP Insurance

What does Motorcycle GAP Insurance cover?

Motorcycle GAP Insurance is an essential part of your insurance cover on your motorbike. If you have a fully comprehensive insurance on your bike you should protect yourself further with a Motorbike GAP Insurance Policy. In the event of an insurance write off or total loss through accident, fire or theft, your insurer will only pay out the depreciated value of your bike - thus leaving you considerably out of pocket, and without a vehicle.

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What does this policy cover?

For a small premium, made as a one-off payment, you can protect your investment in your motor bike with a Motor Bike GAP Insurance policy. From our extensive knowledge of the GAP Insurance market place we have developed a highly specialised product for the motor cycle owner called Motor Cycle Back to Invoice GAP Insurance. GAP Insurance - the acronym stands for Guaranteed Asset Protection - provides cover against any financial loss or shortfall between the original invoice price of your motor cycle and your insurer's depreciated payment in settlement of a total loss claim.

The Motor Cycle GAP Insurance Back to Invoice policy will come into effect when your motor insurers agree that the motor cycle has been stolen and not recovered, or is damaged due to accident or fire and the insurer of your motor bike considers that it is beyond economical repair.

A Motor Cycle GAP Insurance Back to Invoice Policy will protect you against the shortfall from your motor insurer's payout - which will be only the depreciated value of your motor bike - and the original invoice price you paid for your motor bike (up to the agreed capped benefit level of the Motor Bike GAP Insurance Back to Invoice policy purchased). The GAP Insurance payment includes any factory fitted accessories you paid for when you purchased the motor bike; and the policy covers both new and second hand motor bikes, up to ten years old.

GAP Cover Example:

Your invoice value of: £10,000
Your comprehensive market value insurance payout: £5,000
Our Motorcycle Back to Invoice Plus payout: £5,000
Comprehensive insurance payout + ALA GAP Insurance payout = £10,000

Am I eligible for cover?

Eligibility for cover with a Motor Bike GAP Insurance Back to Invoice Price Protection Policy is shown below:

  • The motor cycle is under 10 years old and registered in the UK
  • The purchase price of your motor bike does not exceed £50,000
  • The motor cycle must be covered by a comprehensive or third party, fire and theft motor vehicle insurance policy with a motor insurer
  • The motor bike has been purchased from an authorised UK distributor
  • The motor cycle is not on contract hire or leased
  • The motor bike will not be used as a taxi; for self drive hire and reward; for motor bike courier work, for motor cycle delivery, as a service motor bike or used in any motor cycle competitions; motor bike speed testing; motor cycle road racing; pace making or motor bike rallies
  • Your motor cycle is not a trike
  • The Motorcycle or Scooter must have been purchased within the last 180 days, or 365 days (if insured under a comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy which includes ‘New for Old’ cover for the first 12 months)

If your motor bike fulfills the criteria above then you should cover your investment with a Motor Cycle GAP Insurance Back to Invoice policy.

Why risk losing money on your investment if your motor bike is subject to an insurance write off? Protect yourself and your investment against any shortfall with a Motor Cycle GAP Insurance Back to Invoice Policy now. We have varying levels of cover to ensure that you are able to purchase the right Motor Cycle GAP Insurance Back to Invoice policy to suit your needs.

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What does this policy cover?

If your bike is written off or stolen, you will only receive a market value settlement from your motor insurer.

The Motorcycle Vehicle Replacement policy tops up your motor insurer’s settlement and the cost of replacing your bike new for old (or with one of the same age as the original bike at the time you purchased it, if not brand new).

If the settlement figure from your finance company is the higher amount at the time, the policy will pay up to that amount instead.

Is Motorcycle Vehicle Replacement Insurance suitable for me?

You can purchase a Motorcycle Vehicle Replacement Insurance policy if:

  • You have purchased your motorbike or scooter outright
  • You have purchased your motorbike or scooter using a personal loan
  • You have purchased your vehicle using finance secured against it
  • Your motorbike or scooter is up to 10 years of age with fewer than 80,000 miles and delivered within the last 180 days, or 365 days (if insured under a comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy which includes ‘New for Old’ cover for the first 12 months)

Motorcycle Vehicle Replacement Insurance Features:

  • Vehicle Replacement cover can be purchased for cars owned outright or on finance
  • The policy can be bought for up to 3 years
  • Your policy will be underwritten by UK General Insurance Limited on behalf of Great Lakes Insurance SE, an A rated underwriter, so it is protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • We pay up to £250 of your motor insurance excess
  • All settlements are paid to the customer not the dealer!